studio OUAM agence communication visuelle graphisme bordeaux

The studio

Who we are

Studio OUAM is a creative agency based in Paris and Bordeaux in France created by three friends and artistic directors. 

We are keen on expressing your ideas and telling a story through your brand in a visual manner. Your visual identity is your first tool as it represents you. It is also the simplest way to convey a strong message and share your universe with other people.

What we do

Branding, packaging, illustration & more

We find unique and consistent graphic solutions on every media in order to help you distinguish yourself.

Our choices are not left to chance and each one of them will be a true reflection of your state of mind so as to facilitate your brand development and create client loyalty in the long run.

We believe that the right design must make sense and be easily understood by the largest number of people.

studio OUAM agence communication visuelle graphisme bordeaux
  • branding
  • comm'
  • packaging
  • print
  • web
  • Visual identity: we create the graphical elements (logotype, typographical design, colours, iconography, symbols) that will represent your brand and make it and recognisable at first glance.

  • Communicating about your brand: we come up with the best tone for your audience in order to create a link with your customers on social networks and press publications.

  • Packaging design: the aim is to draw attention, create desire, prompt in-store purchase and create loyalty in the long run.

  • Printed materials: your visual communication is applied to printed materials such as business cards, posters, leaflets, booklets… We will also advise you about production methods matching your budget.

  • Digital media: your presence on the Internet, matching your tone and image, with the creation of a unique and bespoke website.

The team

Alice, Maxime, Benjamin

Our team is young, curious and passionate about the job. You will have a direct contact with the team and will work closely with them for the duration of your project. Our work is based on exchange and collaboration so as to find the best solution for your project together.

Our profiles complement one another, and we experiment, develop, and build in partnership with talented designers, illustrators, photographers… chosen exactly to match your project.

Alice Bouchardon directrice artistique au studio OUAM
studio OUAM agence communication visuelle graphisme bordeaux
Benjamin Gouraud freelance au studio OUAM

Alice Bouchardon

Co-founder, artistic director

Alice now lives in Bordeaux after spending a few years in an agency in Paris, where she worked for big luxury brands, and in a small global design agency where she had to facilitate the relationships between clients and service providers. She expresses her experience in branding and packaging and her love for illustration in a colourful style. She brings a touch of delicacy to the team.

Maxime Pirot

Co-founder, artistic director

Maxime also lives in Bordeaux after working in Paris for some years. He worked in an agency and then as a freelancer through businesses and directly with brands. His signature is bold and striking, and he has got experience in typographical design and branding. Maxime adds to the unique and strong style of the studio.

Benjamin Gouraud

Artistic director

Living in Paris, Benjamin is a freelance artistic director who spent several years working for famous brands in advertising, web, social media and packaging. He shares his experience with OUAM on a regular basis.

studio OUAM agence communication visuelle graphisme bordeaux