Le Louchébem

branding, packaging

The Louchébem is a Parisian butcher’s that started when the Halles where still standing. With this graphic identity, our aim was to get closer to the spirit of the time.

In order to update the brand, we gave a new look to their identity and created a linked butcher’s shop where you can ask for advice much more like it was back in the Halles de Paris days.

We played on the butcher’s slang (“louchébem” = “butcher”) and on a system of cards and playful concepts for the client to discover the butcher’s values and relearn how to cook meat.

You will find the butcher’s slang on the numerous materials and products from the restaurant and the butcher’s shop, as a nod to the Halles de Paris times.


Fictive project – 2015


Realisation : Studio OUAM